The Process


Personalization & Preferences
When it comes to fashion, personalization is a complex subject. To create a personalize fit, we review each customer request, its relationship to their body type, and offer creative solutions. From concept to completion, customers are personally guided through the process of creating a unique fashion product.

The Process

Step 1: Establish Customer Vision + Budget
Before we get to the development phase, we will need to solidify your vision and goals, and determine your budget, which will save time and money later. This process will be the ultimate guide in determining how many rounds of sampling you need.

Step 2: Define Idea and Design
It always helps to work out ideas on paper. Therefore, before we produce any prototype or finished product, we refine your ideas with sketches. The more time we invest in solving problems on paper, the less time will be spent on costly corrections in the patternmaking and prototyping phase.

Step 3: Making the Pattern
Once the final sketch is ready, the next step is to make a “pattern” of your idea. Patterns are the backbone of the manufacturing process, and have a lot of control over the quality of a product. A well-made pattern is crucial for making a great product. We will help you with your testing and the final iteration of your pattern.

Step 4: Developing the Sample/Prototype
Prototypes are created at 1:1 scale, using fabric that is relatively similar to the final fabric. This provides the designer and client with a life-size physical sample, allowing for critical adjustments to ensure an ideal fit to the design before it is sent to final production.

Step 5: Final Production
After a written “sign-off” on design and pattern, the prototype is replicated using the final fabric. At this time, hand-sewn appliques, embroidery, crystals, airbrush, finishes and other decorations are applied.